Judd Hirschberg, Founder & Global Chief Strategist, WhiteWave Trading Strategies

Judd has been PAX’s mentor for over 20 years, he frequently drops into the chat and help provide perspective on the current markets.

"Whitewave is the evolution of our proprietary trading company at the CME.  We’ve traded Equities,  Equity Indices,  ETF’s,  broad market sectors,  Foreign Exchange,  global interest rates, Commodities and Metals for over four decades. I started as an Arbitrage Clerk on the CME in 1974, became a successful Proprietary Trader and have over 45 years of market experience, knowledge and expertise to navigate various market conditions. At WhiteWave, we have a pragmatic disciplined approach utilizing our proprietary model developed over forty years that keeps traders on the right side of Risk and Risk Management, thus generating real-time actionable and positive returns." 

Website:  Twitter: @whitewavetrader

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