Group Mentoring is F’n priceless!!!

Biggest takeaway for me: The market cannot hurt me, ONLY I can hurt myself. Therefore, I will actively choose to NOT hurt myself.

Thank you Pax, Jack & Dani for what each of you brings to group. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Things that I may have never learned on my own, or in the best case maybe taken me years to learn. Group is building me up as a trader and as a person. It’s giving me the mental tools necessary to be a successful trader, husband, father, brother & friend. My only regret is that I didn’t find this group much, much earlier in my career. But that’s ok, I’m here now and I’m changing the trajectory of my life because of this group! I am so looking forward to 2020 and what opportunities that will be presented! Blessings to you all,
— Jeff, Tier 3 PAX Group member

"PAX is the only guy who knows how to execute.. He's the master of execution."
Yra Harris,  CME Director & author of "Notes from the Underground" blog 

“Everyone wearing a gold jacket in the NQ pit back then saw themselves in you. The story you are sharing now-the honesty, sincerity, and hard work took you from LB to NQ local-is why. Kicking myself for not saying good morning to you every day back then."
— Colin Ram, Former CME Floor Trader

“I’ve been trading almost 30 years and if you all don’t realize what Matt just gave us for being here, you cannot pay for anywhere . For a nominal, very reasonable fee he just told us, point by point, what was going to happen in 15 minutes of trade and tried to help everyone who wasn’t in, stay out of the trap everyone else got caught in. While all the other services were trying to text out their brilliant ideas, their customers have blown all years profits and they have no idea what happened Matt traded it in real time, knew and told us all the points that mattered, what would happen and what he would do if we went under them faster than I could even pull it up on my own stuff, brilliant call. and every point was spot on. I am not surprised but I wanted to make sure everyone realized what just happened. When someone is genuine you can tell. We just traded profitably the wildest day since the flash crash.”
— RobS, Tier 3 PAX Group member

"Being part of this community changed my life. Not just the way that I trade, but the way I start my day, and how I go through it.
Talking to Pax and seeing what he does, not only for me but for all of us inspires trust in him, in the process and in me.
I am having the best trading days of my short carrer, so I will always be grateful for the opportunity of know him."

— Diego, PAX Group 1-on1 mentee 

"You will not find anyone in this industry who truly cares as much about your personal and financial well being as Matt. During our one on one sessions we cover more than just my weekly trading executions. We discuss psychology, outside factors affecting my trading, fears, desires, and life goals. Matt takes a deeper look at you as an individual to pinpoint your struggles that are holding you back from becoming a full-time professional trader. He genuinely wants you to become a self-sufficient professional.

There is no individual in the world who has ever become successful without the help of others. Those who are wildly successful have dedicated mentors who have reached down to give them a hand, to lift them out of mediocrity. One thing to know about Matt is he does not lift gently, he will yank you out of mediocrity before you can say “filled!” Take a deep breath and take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

If you were to become a professional NBA player, PGA golfer, or Formula 1 driver, how much would you pay one of those athletes to personally teach you? And I don’t mean just how to shoot a basketball, swing a club, or when to brake. I am talking about the psychology, how to think three to four moves ahead, where to place the golf ball on the course and why, how to pass the ball overhead, from the chest or a bounce pass and why, knowing what thoughts are running through a drivers head when they are reacting to situations. This deeper understanding is what you get when you sign up for a one on one with Matt.

I will end with this: You must invest in yourself! You are a business. No business has ever succeeded without monetary investment. What makes you any different? Just because you can open a trading account from your bed and execute trades from the bathroom does not make this business any less difficult or serious then going down to a bank to apply for a multimillion-dollar loan for a corporation you want to start. They must be treated the same way. Take this rare opportunity to invest in yourself and join Matt for a one on one. There are not many times in your life where you have the opportunity to privately speak with such a high caliber individual on a weekly basis. It is your choice, you can make trading a nice hobby, or you can take the next step and become a professional."
— JV, PAX Group 1-on1 mentee 

“Said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Absolute privilege to have access to someone with so much wisdom and experience @paxtrader777 openly sharing their trades, psychology, everything. Everyday. Rare opportunity to study his perspective on the market. Thank you!”
— David C

"Thank you Pax I wish I found you 7 years ago, I can’t believe how fast I'm building my account. Thanks again brother."

— Liony, Tier 1 PAX Group member

"I’ve only been in the room since last week but my trading has already gotten markedly better due to way less mouse clicking. I’ve missed a ton of trades since I’m still trying to get used to the OR trade, but my trading account value has increased by almost 4% since I’ve been in the room. Thank you for showing me a better way to trade!"
— JJones, PAX Group member

“There’s nobody willing to do what Pax and the team is doing for us.”
PhilR, PAX Group member

“I am thoroughly impressed by Pax’s total commitment to honesty and integrity. I’ve spoken to him often, learned a great deal about his personal life and history, and spent the last month listening to him all day teaching his OR trade in the Discord room. He is an open book of transparency and authenticity. He really wants to empower everyday people to transform their lives through teaching them how to become independent futures traders.”

“For me, ORB itself is the solution for FOMO. If you know that you will have a trade tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, it doesn’t really matter so much if you didn’t ride one out to it’s fullest.”
— FxLowe

“You’ve been sent from above mate! I am very fortunate to be a part of this. Yes I have blown accounts twice over last 4 years and this has been the longest continuous running of my account but I have slowly started to see my old habits come back. Spiralling and it just so happened to be the day on Thursday when you were speaking of this. Thanks brother. I look forward to the future. Take care Kramer”
— Kramer_Trader

“Ladies and Gentlemen I do believe FinTwit has yet another KING!”
— Mr.Sxnders

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