Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #14

Anthony and PAX discuss the skills traders should have for a long-term profitable career.

Day Trading Macro Themes - Yra Harris & Matt 'PAX' Kenah

1. Yra’s Top Macro Theme 
2. Day Trading Macro Themes
3. Gold, Currencies, Bonds, E-mini S&P
4. Algo’s Give Traders Opportunities
5. Search For Yield May Bring US Equities Rally

Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #2

Anthony & PAX discuss the similarities and differences between trading in the Pits vs trading on the screen. PAX shares with us his trading process and trading strategy for the E-mini S&P. Anthony chats with PAX and Dani about Wazzabull trade alerts in the E-mini Nasdaq.

From the Pit to the Screen - Matt 'PAX' Kenah

1. Favorite story from the Pit
2. Pit to Screen Transition
3. Morning Preparation
4. Process, Strategy, Position Sizing
5. Breaking Bad Habits

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