Matt 'PAX' Kenah    
CEO, Founder & Mentor

Matt "PAX" Kenah started as a runner on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) trading floor in January 1988.  Matt quickly came to realize this was the place for him.  Without knowing anyone on the floor he worked his way from a runner to a top paid arbitration clerk for one of the largest order filling brokers in the front month Eurodollar pit.  After four and half years of hard work as a clerk Matt felt it was time for a break.  Due to his strong faith, Matt felt a calling to serve others.  Matt took a three- and half-year break to pursue becoming a Catholic Priest.  After determining that was not the path for him, Matt returned to the exchange floor.  He regained his position as an arbitration clerk and in August of 1997 he began his career as an independent trader known as "PAX" in the Nasdaq Futures (NQ) pit.  He became one of the largest, most successful traders in the pit.  In October of 2011, the collapse of MF Global withheld the majority of PAX's account.  During this time, he went from being one of the largest traders in the pit to broke overnight.  PAX had to re-evaluate his trading career and navigate through the devastation to continue to provide for his family.  Determined to make his career work and at the urging of his wife, PAX decided to give trading one more shot with not more than $5000 in his account.  PAX was able to rebuild his career one trade at a time.

PAX's experiences have shown him all the ups and downs that every trader can experience.  As trading evolved from the pits to the screens, PAX evolved with it.  PAX quickly found whether he was in the pit” or on the screen”, managing his positions with capital preservation at their core is the most important aspect of long-term successful trading. While continuing to screen trade full-time, PAX became a partner and principle in multiple proprietary trading and clearing firms. It was at these firms he began to coach and mentor traders. From his desire to serve others, he discovered a passion for helping new and struggling traders create a solid foundation for their trading careers and guiding successful traders to take their careers to new and higher levels.

Over the years, PAX has proven to be one of the few successful traders in the pits AND on the screens.  In May of 2019, PAX created The PAX Group. With capital preservation at the core, he teaches execution skills to minimize and remove risk in addition to maximize and exploit profit during live real-time market hours, group mentoring sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions.

PAX is a father of 5 and happily married to Jennifer, the love of his life. They are raising their family in the suburbs of Chicago. PAX has endowed scholarships at De La Salle Inst. in Chicago for inner-city youth to obtain a quality HS education. He is the co-founder of the Pillars Club, a mentoring group for grade school-aged boys aimed at reaching Chicago s youth before the gangs can. He has been a high school football coach as well as little league and travel baseball coach. There is nothing more important in PAX's life than when he can help someone make their own life a bit better.


Adam Paxton
President & Director of Memberships

Adam is a current member of the U.S. Army and has 18 years of service.  Adam's military career has provided him leadership and experience in operational planning, crisis action planning and problem solving in uncertain and complex environments.  This has helped him team up with  PAX to bring the PAX Group to where it is today.  Adam has a drive and love of trading.  He has been with the PAX Group from its creation and has been instrumental in assisting its growth to where it is today.  His work has provided a love of teaching and Adam continually helps new traders in the PAX Group understand how we trade and look at the markets.

Adam holds a BA in Economics from Virginia Tech and a MBA from Webster University.  He currently resides in Pinehurst, NC.  In his free time Adam enjoys relaxing with his wife and four children.

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